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There are many ways to give and support Sacred Way Sanctuary and the Native horses, buffalo, and sheep that call our sanctuary home. Our current campaigns and programs are created in partnership with 501(c)3 non-profit organization Sacred Healing Circle and each contribution is tax-deductible.


Sanctuary Sustainers

Each month we strive to raise funding for the care of between 80 - 100 horse nation relatives, one buffalo herd, and several flocks of traditional Diné Churro sheep on our 100-acre preserve. Contributions to this campaign go towards the monthly and recurring expenses of water, hay, grain, specialized care, and maintenance of herd pastures, and machinery. Both one-time and automatic monthly donations are accepted. 

2024 Native American Horse Preservation & Research Program

Our Native American Horse Preservation and Research Program is at the heart of the work we do at Sacred Way Sanctuary. This program allows us to help preserve the Native American Horse and protect the traditional, historical, and scientific knowledge surrounding the horse and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas.

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