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Huasteca Mountain's herd is a mix between Southeastern and Mayan bloodlines. Herd stallion, Huasteca Mounatin is named in honor of the South American ancestors from which he desends. We are honored to provide a safe space for him and his "ladies" (whom are mostly of Choctaw affiliation) to create their family dynamic and enjoy their lives together.


Each sponsorship levels allows horse supporters to donate directly to the care of one of our main herds here at Sacred Way Sanctuary as part of our Ancient Horse of the America’s Sponsorship Program. Your support provides hay, grain, fresh water, salt and mineral blocks, dewormer, specialized care and other needs for the horses. All sponsors will receive a digital package including: 1) A photograph of your sponsorship herd; 2) A certificate of Sponsorship; 3) A personalized letter of support from our Sactuary team.


Wopila (thank you) for supporting our Horse Nation relatives!

Huasteca Mountain's Herd

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