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Our "Sweet Dreams" gift box includes everything you or your loved one needs for a great nights sleep this season: a jar of relaxing bath salts, a medicine bear figurine for your bedside, a beautifully beaded dreamcatcher, and a FREE sleeping t-shirt.


You can rest assured that all proceeds of your purchase go towards providing a safe home for the traditional horses, sheep, goats, and buffalo that live at Sacred Way Sanctuary.


Please choose the dreamcather color of your liking and ADD THE SIZE OF YOUR SHIRT in the notes section. This is very important. If you don't choose your size, we will choose one for you. Each shirt is unique and we will pick the perfect one to include in your gift box. 


* Only 3 boxes available.

* Thank you for purchasing Indigenous-made, not Indigenous-inspired items this Holiday season!


- Enjoy

Sweet Dreams Gift Box

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