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Choose from one of our Tatanka Packages this Holiday season! Only TWO available.


The Femme package includes: 1 set of gorgeous pipestone earrings (Oglala Lakota), 1 smudege stick , 1 tshirt, 1 buffalo bag (Oglala Lakota), 1 Pejuta Balm.


The Masculine package includes: 1 "Warrior Strength" tshirt, 1 smudge stick , 1 porquipine quill medicine wheel (Oglala Lakota), 1 buffalo bag (Oglala Lakota).


Please choose your package type and ADD THE SIZE OF TSHIRT in the notes section. This is very important. If you don't choose your size, we will choose one for you. 


All proceeds from your purchase go towards providing a safe home for the traditional horses, sheep, goats, and buffalo that live at Sacred Way Sanctuary.


* Thank you for purchasing Indigenous-made, not Indigenous-inspired items this Holiday season!


- Enjoy

Tatanka Package

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