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Sacred Healing Circle is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to assist Indigenous/Native American individuals, families, and communities to heal through the use of traditional practices. 


Sacred Way Sanctuary has partnered with Sacred Healing Circle to help preserve the rare and endangered Native American horse (also described as The Ancient North or South American Horse.) Each year, the title to dozens of foals is granted to Sacred Healing Circle, and SHC helps to place these horses in solid, caretaking homes where they will be allowed to procreate. These sacred horses are never sold. However, we do have a “Training to Return" program, where horses are trained by a qualified horse trainer before they are delivered. Half of the proceeds from this program go to the trainer. The other half is directed to SHC to help transport small herds to Elders in Indigenous communities across the country.

Sacred Healing Circle currently sponsors 7 Programs, including Native Youth and Elder Program, Native American Horse Preservation Program, Oceti Sakowin Youth Water Protection Program, Native Youth Culinary Camp, Women's Book Donation Program, Ceremonial Site Protection Program, and Women Helping Women.

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